A Career as a Communications Operator

Communications Operator

Communications Operators - DSH’s police force relies on Communications Operators to help them quickly and effectively respond to service calls and emergencies. Our Communications Operators provide information to officers using a variety of computerized and manual information systems. They also provide a connection to other local, regional, and national law enforcement agencies.

Examination Process

A must be submitted along with the Training and Experience Examination. Please see the Communications Operator bulletin for details.

Application Process

Xổ số tháp đồng hàng tuầnOnce you receive your exam score (notification by mail), submit a through your CalCareer account. You can access your account or create an account .

  • For detailed instructions on creating a CalCareer Account please view our video 
  • To find available Communications Operator job openings please .

Background Investigation

Xổ số tháp đồng hàng tuầnThe Department of State Hospitals, Office of Protective Services (OPS) has the responsibility to hire only qualified individuals for positions within the OPS. In order to accomplish this, a thorough investigation into the background of all applicants is necessary. The main objective is to conduct a thorough, comprehensive, and legal applicant investigation, conducted with due consideration for the rights of the candidate and in compliance with the governing law and rules. The investigative dimensions and OPS Standard set forth in the OPS Background Investigation Manual ensure that only qualified individuals will be considered for a position of public trust.

*After passing the complete background investigation, a medical screening is required*